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inetCube Solutions provides variety of services including Managed Information Technology Services for small and medium sized businesses. We primarily focus on financial trading infrastructure as we have strong experience in building low latency micro-sensitive infrastructure to ultra low latency nano-sensitive infrastructure via non-ASIC based forwarding. We bring advanced Wall St. Technology to Asian market.


Founders recognized a pattern among companies who are distracted by IT challenges and unable to focus on core business. With the growing dependency of success on Infrastructure it is mandatory for a trading business to be invested in keeping the infrastructure updated to compete.


Other patterns founders noticed was  lack of reasons to justify cost to hire in-house NOC and SOC. Senior resources are tied up with minor day to day task and unable to focus on bigger things like improving the infrastructure.


Our long term goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and our success is measured by the stability of your business with us. Our Comprehensive Service begins with an initial requirement gathering and environment assessment, followed by planning and design, then integration and implementation followed by ongoing maintenance.


For more information, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.